Our Team

Located in a historic mill building in the heart of Portland’s Old Port district, Casco Bay Engineering is an enjoyable and positive work environment for both employees and clients. The success of each project is reinforced by proactive and collaborative communication. The team at Casco Bay Engineering also understands that some of the most valuable insights to be gained, come simply from listening.

Carolyn Bird, P.E. President
Eric Dube, P.E. Vice President
Keith Brenner, P.E. Senior Structural Engineer
Tony Dumais, P.E. Senior Structural Engineer
Dianne Nay Office Manager
Christopher Dornbach Project Designer/ REVIT Modeler
Zachariah Pacheco Design Engineer
David Latham Design Engineer


Our extensive knowledge in structural and civil engineering makes us an ideal fit for your upcoming project needs. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project with one of our dedicated team members! 

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