Zachariah Valente-Pacheco, P.E.

Structural Engineer/IT Manager

Zachariah Valente-Pacheco (Zach) earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Maine in 2014. During his juncture at school, Zach was a Research Assistant for the Off-Shore Wind Energy Project at the Advances Structures and Composites Center where he developed and implemented MATLAB code to determine tower options for the Full-Scale VolturnUS Project. The VolturnUS Project is a design for a 6-megawatt offshore wind turbine with an approximately 450-foot rotor diameter. The tower itself would be 300-feet tall and be supported with the UMaine-developed, patented VolturnUS floating concrete hull technology.

Zach takes on numerous roles at Casco Bay Engineering primarily as a Structural Engineer and REVIT Modeler, but also as the office IT Specialist. Zach’s ability to implement engineering design concurrently with REVIT modeling make for an efficient design and modeling process.

Most recently, Zach served as a Structural Design Engineer and BIM Modeler for the structural design of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Truck Mashaling Building, in New York City. Amongst his many responsibilities on the project, Zach engineered the transfer of shear in the two-way reinforced concrete slabs at the interface with the concrete columns utilizing a variety of methods; stud rails, increased column perimeter and /or thickening the slab at various locations. Zach was also heavily involved in the construction phase of the project, traveling to the Javits site for rebar observations timed with the concrete pours.

Zach’s professional experience includes numerous healthcare projects, educations facilities, commercial buildings and athletic centers; recent projects include Tufts University Natatorium and PAN Athletic Center at Phillips Academy.

Professionally, Zach dedicates his time to Engineers Without Borders and Architecture-Construction-Engineers (ACE) as a Mentor Program Volunteer. When not working, Zach enjoys playing soccer, relaxes by drawing, and spends time with his friends and family. His recent achievement includes the design and oversight of his recently built house.